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by Kim Danger (a Womensforum Savings Expert and Network Partner)

Penny-pincher, frugal mom, budget conscious, coupon-clipper, sales queen... whatever you want to call the gift of extreme saving, Kimberly Danger has mastered them all! Find peace in saving a buck at Mommysavers.

Abby Terlecki
Cool Touches To Update Your Teen Son's Uniform

More and more young men are into fashion, and not every teenage boy wants to fit into high school stereotypes. So when shopping for your fashion forward son's uniform, here are some tips that will set him on a stylish path.

Moto Jackets

Photo Credit: Zara.com

Jackets are synonymous with the high school experience, and they always look great with a uniform. However, not all kids are interested in rocking the iconic Letterman jacket. For those young men who want classic style that isn’t too stuffy, a fitted moto jacket will be in style for the whole school year.

For the creative types, a printed biker jacket made from waxed cotton will add a light touch to a polo, khaki uniform.

Colorful Shoes

Photo Credit: SaksOff5th.com

Spruce up the standard dress shoe with some color. If his school has a strict policy on dress, a pair of dress shoes with colored soles will give your son some individuality. Also, they work great both in and outside of school.

Neckties and Pocket Squares

Photo Credit: Tiebar.com 

If your son’s school allows individual ties, this is a great way for him to personalize his uniform. Pick a look that is either in his favorite shades or school colors. 

Photo Credit: Tiebar.com

For the fashion follower, a pocket square is an ultimate style piece. Pick a fun pattern or match it with his tie or shirt for a great style moment. 

Graphic Watches

Photo Credit: Asos.com

Get your teen son on time with a cool watch. A colorful and graphic design will be so stylish that he won't be afraid to rock it on his wrist or accidentally “lose” it.  

Check out our style essentials for girls in high school, middle school and kindergarten.

Abby Terlecki
Here's How Your Skin Wins This Winter

A change is coming... for your skin. As the temperature begins to drop, the change in weather not only affects our wardrobe but also our skin care routines. Dry cold weather can do major harm to supple skin, causing ailments from being super dry to breakouts galore. Here are four ways to protect your face in winter and keep your skin looking beautiful!


So using a scrub might not be your first inclination, but a great exfoliator can do wonders for winter skin. A pile of dead skin (yuck) can prevent moisturizer from sinking in and doing its job. By shedding these dead skin cells, a face can become instantly softer and smoother. Stray away from harsh scrubs and embrace a more mild, moisturizing exfoliant for winter time (especially ones with fun smells like peppermint or gingerbread). 


Once you scrub away that dead skin, a toner is up next. Toners tighten skin and help balance redness and blotchy skin. Redness is the worst enemy for so many during winter as it is a natural reaction to the freezing cold temps outside and intense heat indoors. Fight the Rudolph look with an natural toner that will get skin looking fresh and taut for a cold winter’s day.


Although we concentrate on our skin for outdoors, it’s also what’s going on indoors that counts.

The best way to fight dry, itchy skin is a moisturizing agent for showering. Once you do your usual washing and shampooing, an in-shower moisturizer can help create a protective shell that works instantly out of the bath.

Staying Indoors

When the winter weather is just too cold (we’re talking about those below-zero days), staying indoors is not only warmer but also a better option for your skin. The bitter cold winters dry out skin, especially if there’s any ounce of moisture.

Once you get indoors, the skin saving doesn’t stop there. A humidifier does wonders by adding moisture to the air which then goes on to your skin. It not only moisturizes but also helps fight redness.

Abby Terlecki
How To Bring The Bling To Your Halloween

It’s that time of year again... crunchy fall leaves, cute layers and leather boots, and let's not forget pumpkins! Visiting a local pumpkin patch is a tradition for many during the harvest season, but carving them up isn't as fun of a process. 

For those who are looking for a less messy and more refined way to decorate for Halloween (like the "blinged out" pumpkin from SettingForFour.com, see above), check out these three styles that bring the bling to the classic pumpkin!

Christmas in October

Photo Credit: TheSwellDesigner.com

Take your old holiday decorations and give them a new life with pumpkins. This eye-catching design is not only fabulous but also super easy to make! Simply glue gold garland, or Mardi Gras necklaces, in a clockwise pattern. That’s it!

For more of a gold moment, you can spray paint a pumpkin gold before applying the beads. Aside from the Halloween mood, these would make great Fall wedding decorations!

Learn how to make here

Spooky Glam

Photo Credit: Hometalk.com / ChristianPF.com / GoodHouseKeeping.com  

While everyone is embracing spooky this Halloween, go glam! These designs are a literal definition of blinging out. More of a great party piece or outdoor porch accent, a glam pumpkin is a great conversation piece. Be the talk of Instagram and Pinterest once you finish your craft. 

These sparkly stunners are really easy to recreate - all they take are some glue and rhinestones or . If you want less sparkle but want to keep the glam, opt for sequins. To amp up the look, try multicolored jewels.

See how you can add some fashionable sass to your pumpkin here

A Touch of Lace

Photo Credit: OhMy-Creative.com / MyDomaine.com / EclecticallyVintage.com

Lace isn’t just for a Halloween costume! This super easy and beautiful craft will give a feminine grace to the average pumpkin. Either with some lace appliques or even a pair of pantyhose, it can be simply applied with a touch of glue. This fancy decoration will have house guests awing over your festive creations instead of cringing in fear of a scary (and maybe smelly) carved pumpkin. 

Get started on this lovely pumpkin project here.  

Abby Terlecki
12 Frighteningly Fab Costumes For Halloween

What are you wearing for Halloween? It’s a common question that can get pretty scary when you have no idea what to wear. Witch, ghost, nurse... you’ve done it all and want something way more original. 

Well, have no fear! There’s a one stop solution to fix any of your costume woes.

Check out our Frighteningly Fab Costumes Shop It that will help you find that perfect outfit. From Audrey Hepburn to a new take on bubblegum, there’s nothing basic about these costumes. 

Abby Terlecki
3 Fall Hair Trends To Love And Try Out

Fall is officially here and many fashionistas are buying up their ankle boots and winter coats, but there’s another thing to plan, hair. Just like we’ve seen with fashion, there are some key hair styles that will dominate the season. So say goodbye to the topknots and middle-parted hair and hello to these incredibly cool hair styles.

Galaxy Hair


A photo posted by Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) on

Hair has gone to the stars with this latest coloring trend, galaxy hair. Just like with past pastel and neon coloring trends, this hair dyeing process incorporates multiple colors to create a multi-layered style. Although this requires some upkeep, it looks beautiful in person and in photos. Plus, it hides all of the split ends!

Rope Braid


A photo posted by Sharon Blain (@sharonblain) on

As we all know, braids have been in for years. From fishtails to box braids, it’s all been done. Now there’s a new style in town, the rope braid. Popping up at the latest Fashion Month, the rope braid is not only beautiful but super easy to recreate. Check out a how-to here.



Look at her hair ! This is perfection

A photo posted by @elyahaircare on

It’s time to break out the hair curlers! Big curly hair, think Gisele Bündchen and Diana Ross, is the latest going-out style. And don’t be afraid to wear your curlers outdoors, they’re the latest beauty accessories! 

 Photo Credit: Vogue.com 

Abby Terlecki
Be The Best House On The Block! Homemade Treat Ideas

There's nothing creepier than a pair of surgical gloves. With this Halloween treat-stuffed hand there's no need for the kids to go digging around in the bowl. The gloves are super easy to hand out and create an instant "wow!" factor.  Top the hand off with some spider rings to secure a spook. It also provides little ones a way to eat their goodies mess-free, using the glove as a tiny trash bag once they're done. Parents will thank you! 

Abby Terlecki
Personalize Your Kindergartener's Uniform

Starting school can be intimidating for a child, and sporting a uniform can add more pressure. Ease your child, and yourself, over this new life event with fun activities that can personalize your child’s uniform!

Abby Terlecki
7 Apps For Savvy Shopping

Some days the push of the crowds and the nose dives to the sale racks seem a little on the overwhelming side. We're here to help you avoid crazy shopping days with these savvy shopping apps that will help you gauge sale prices and compare the dollar amount across your local retailers.

1. RedLaser

Smart shopping is made easy with RedLaser's QR code reader and bar code scanner that finds the best deals from thousands of local and online retailers. Even more impressive is their loyalty card feature in which you're able to back up your loyalty card onto your RedLaser account. This allows you to leave your house card free, just don't forget the kids! (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

2. Shopsavvy

Why waste your time constantly checking your favorite retailers and local stores for upcoming back to school sales and coupons when you can have an app for that? Shopsavvy alerts the family of new prices and sales items and will even send you new coupons when they are available. (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

3. ScanLife

ScanLife allows you to compare prices from a variety of retailers, and depending on proximity, even allows you to purchase directly from your phone. This is great for busy-body families that need a simple and stress-free shopping experience or even for big families that don't have time to shop in-stores. The app is perfect for comparing prices as well as reviews, letting you see what others have to say about that product you've been on the fence about. (Available on iOS, Android)

4. ShopAdvisor

ShopAdvisor takes price comparing to a whole new level by not just finding the best deals but also tracking the product through its market high's and low's, notifying the family when the product reaches your desired price. This is especially great for monitoring that one backpack that your kid just "can't live without." (Available on iOS, Android)

5. Cash4books

Cash4books is a one-of-a-kind find for college students or any readers in your family ready to break free and find their books a new owner. Students are able to shed some weight off of their desks and find the best buy back prices for their used textbooks, receiving fast cash in return! (Available on iOS, Android)


6. Amazon Shopping

The Amazon app allows families to scan or even post a picture of in-store products to compare prices and check for availability! Fun feature: if your family has an Apple watch user, you can now create a shopping cart on your watch, check for products with voice command, and purchase with just 1-click all with the Amazon app! Got to love technology... (Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


Abby Terlecki
Arts & Crafts To Fight Boredom

Ask any parent and they will tell you that escaping the "mommy, I'm bored" cry is not easy!  Boredom can take hold at any time and can turn a happy day into a stressful mess. Instead of spending another the day in front of the television, try some of these fun arts and crafts activities that can be a ton of fun for everyone involved, no matter how old.

Make Your Own Summer Snow Globe

In case you haven't gotten enough of the outdoors, bring some of that fun charm inside can liven up a whole room. You probably already have the necessary supplies in your kitchen, so go get globin'! Hoopla Kidz has a great video showing you how easy it can be.

Paint Pops

With just a little clay, paint, and creativity, you can whip up a whole batch of these fun decorations. They're great for young kids since they don't require heat or scissors and are super fun to make!

Paper Spring Flowers 

Can't get enough of those pretty flowers? These paper replacements will last through even the hottest days! They're easy to make and work as cute decorations your kids will be proud of. 

Gaines Arnold
Helping Kids Play The Friendship Game

#FriendsForever! The first day of school is difficult even if the child involved has been with the same classmates for years. They will need to get used to a new classroom, new teacher and sometimes even new friends. Lots of changes happen in the 3 months between grades, some classmates that seemed familiar before the summer break, may not be so familiar after. 

Same Kids, Different Year

When it comes to the socialization of children in school it can be difficult because people are evolutionarily geared to notice differences. These differences are what make us individuals, but they are also problematic when it comes to making new friends especially around elementary school age.

Here are a few ways to help your young students navigate the friend zone and be successful socializers.

SHARE From an early age, children are taught to share. Some children understand this lesson innately, while others take some coaxing and gentle reminders not to steal other children's toys. Talking to your child about making friends at school begins with the earliest lessons they are taught.

 BE OPEN One issue that many children have is shyness. This affliction can follow someone throughout life if they are not given a safe atmosphere to practice openness to begin with. Encourage your child to tell you about what is important to them, what they have done during the day no matter how mundane. Friendship, elementary level, is about learning that what you have to say has value and other people want to hear and share equally between their friends.

CARE This may be the cornerstone of friendship and the way to garner more friends. Socialization of children in school starts here also. It is not enough that your child cares about you only, they must be taught to care about and be kind to others also. There always those friendships that form due to dominance or fear, but they are not real lasting relationships. A true friendship forms because the two people have an honest care for one another.

SUPPORT For the most part, parents teach children by example. Those little eyes are always on you, and your interactions, even though you think they are not paying any attention. If you show support for your spouse, friends and others they will learn by example and get an important lesson ingrained in the most natural way.

Friendship elementary level is not just about making friends when you are young and on the playground. These are definite life lessons. Many children will have difficulties making and keeping friends, but they need to understand how, and to be able to talk to you when they have had difficulty with the process. A friend always lends a kind ear. Be a friend to your child and they will understand how to be to each other.

Abby Terlecki
The Ever-Evolving Lunchbox

Throughout a student’s educational tenure, the lunch box undergoes many transitions. In the beginning of a child’s academic career, a Twilight lunch box with a turkey on white sandwich is in tow. By high school, a teen’s lunch upgrades to leftovers or even a fancy salad. No matter what age, make back-to-lunch lunches exciting with these delicious and fun lunch ideas: 

First-Timer First Grader

Finally, your little one’s going to school, and he’s been ready for all the perks of starting his long journey of education with perks like riding the yellow school bus and taking a lunch box to school. If you’re looking for fun first-grader lunch ideas, make his peanut butter and jelly sandwich into superheroes using superhero sandwich cutters. Don’t forget to pack fruit snacks, mozzarella string cheese, a sliced apple, apple juice, and maybe even a handwritten loving message on a napkin, xoxo, Mom. 

Bored Middle Schooler

The sixth grader knows her way around the cafeteria and packing a lunch is no longer a luxury, it’s just another part of her day. Since the turkey and cheese sandwiches have started to taste like cardboard, and the thought of eating a whole piece of fruit is as boring as algebra, then revamp your lunch box recipes. Upgrade lunches with:

  • Grilled pizza panini using Italian rolls or French bread
  • Vanilla almond butter with banana on whole wheat
  • Peach and brie quesadilla
  • Salami, cream cheese and arugula sliders 

Glamorize a lunch box’s side of fruit by skewing various pieces of fruit into kabobs. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and your middle schooler will see lunch as a gourmet treat. 

Too-Cool Freshman

By high school, the lunch hour is more like happy hour. Food to eat for lunch should be simple, yet good, since lunch for this freshman is more about socializing anyway. The freshman has certainly ditched the superhero lunch box for the standard brown bags or Tupperware containers. Tasty, easy lunch ideas include tuna-stuffed pitas with romaine lettuce and provolone or a roast beef with horseradish wrap. Throw in homemade trail mix with granola, dried fruit and almonds as a side snack.

Sophisticated Senior

Your high school teenager may want to give her lunch some extra love and attention, aesthetically and healthily. For a gourmet, healthy lunch idea, inspire her to pack a mason jar salad. An arugula, blueberry and bacon salad with almonds has that seasonal autumn taste. Pack a balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Another fine fall salad recipe is spinach with sliced apple, pecans, and chopped cheddar with a red wine vinaigrette. What else can you make for a mason jar lunch? Layer the jar with bow tie Greek pasta salad, feta cheese and olives. Pour in fresh green juice made with organic kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, ginger, and broccoli. 

Whether your kid can’t wait to bite into his Batman-shaped turkey sammie or your teen’s excited about her mason jar concoctions, back-to-school lunches never have to be a bore. 

Nickey Jennings
Throw the Best Pizza Party

Who needs a special occasion to throw a pizza party? When it comes to entertaining your children on a day off from school, or any other time for that matter, there are two things parents can count on: kids find pizza irresistible, and they love to party.

So why not give them the best of both worlds by arranging a fun-filled pizza party?

Sometimes arts and craft projects, watching TV and playing video games just doesn’t cut the mustard, so when you find yourself struggling to find something to do with the children, drag them into the kitchen. 

It's the perfect idea to fill those days off that pop-up on the school calendar from time to time. Maybe you need to reward good behavior or a good report card, whatever the reason, a pizza part can be the perfect treat. The point is you don’t need a holiday or special event in particular to give your kids a pizza party.

This one-size-fits-any-age activity can also fit any size, so invite all the kids to come over.

Aside from the ability to customize great-tasting pizza is the fact that you can monitor pizza ingredients and toppings to keep a watchful eye on your child's health and nutrition.  This is a benefit if you want to make sure their kids are eating healthily, since you can ensure the toppings and pizza dough ingredients are fresh, nutritious and free of preservatives or other additives found in pizzas prepared at fast food restaurants. On the other hand parent’s can enjoy how economically feasible it is to have a pizza party at home instead of a party at restaurant.  Even thought some pizza restaurants may offer video games and other activities there is always a fee to play the games and the number of guest invited determines the overall cost.  This can really add up if your kids invite friends from school.

Make It A Buffet!

A great idea to give the kids' pizza party a little pizzazz is to make it a buffet pizza party.  You can’t find that a pizza parlor, that’s for sure!  A buffet style pizza party allows the kids to mix and match ingredients and really get creative. And, if you really want to be inventive you can prepare pre-made pizza dough in different sizes and shapes, which will really make the pizza party out of the ordinary and entertaining. Not to mention if you prepare the pizza dough a few days before the pizza party and freeze them, until the day of the party.  That way you can avoid a messy kitchen, thus freeing up more time for you to
enjoy creating your own pizza and have just as much fun as the kids and not worry about a dirty kitchen on party day.

No matter what your reasons are for planning a pizza party for your kids, you can rest assure that the party will be a big hit among the kids, one slice at a time, if you put a little thought and creative planning into effect.

Abby Terlecki
Throw a Red Carpet-Worthy Party at Home

A red carpet party isn't complete without delicious and fabulous food! Celebrity Chef Markus Ford, as seen on Season One of The Taste, shows what fun appetizers and entrees you could have at your next red carpet party.

You can even tie the theme of the food table to the nominated movies. No matter what, these red carpet party snacks and treats will be the talk of your circle long after awards season! 

What food will you serve at your red carpet soirée? 

Abby Terlecki
The New "Vote Or Die" Shirt

When it comes to elections, picking the right slogan for a candidate's campaign is almost as important as declaring the causes a candidate will support. 

First comes the slogan, then comes the T-shirt. To see just how contagious a good motto can be, look no further than “Vote or Die” shirts.

Remember these?  

Photo Credit: 8Ball.Co.UK 

Those are gone, but there is a whole virtual campaign closet full of new offerings in the election-tee swag game.

Donald Trump

Photo Credit: BarToolSports.com

If there is any fashion item that is close to a “Vote or Die” status, it’s Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” ballcap. Although this statement (just like the Republican candidate) is controversial, it’s safe to say that these hats are a trendy item for some.

Hillary Clinton

Photo Credit: Shop.HillaryClinton.com

Hillary Clinton has created a signature H-motif for her branded campaign swag. We predict the most popular will be the Classic “H” Crewneck with a large “H” logo. However, if that’s too boring for Clinton supporters, the Hillary for the Holidays sweatshirt looks like a winner!

Photo Credit: Shop.HillaryClinton.com

Jeb Bush

Photo Credit: Amazon

Republican candidate Jeb Bush made headlines for his peppy, if short-worded, campaign slogan, Jeb! If the former-Florida governor wins the Republican election, his supporters will be sporting this bit of pep in cloth.

Bernie Sanders

Photo Credit: RayGunSite.com

Although there is a variety of funny message tees to show support for Bernie Sanders, this T-shirt takes the cake. The full-on Bernie shirt features headshots of the white haired, wrinkled face of the Democratic candidate. This one has the potential to become a must-have, or at least a collectors item, in the upcoming election.

Kanye West For President

Photo Credit: Amazon

And for those who’d rather not support any of the current candidates, there’s always Kanye for 2020. 

There’s no shame in starting your support early!

For more political fashion, check out WF’s Her Vote '16 

While these shirts are so 2004, there are still plenty of politically-inspired pieces sending a message. 

So, if you’re not so keen on pulling this iconic shirt from the back of your closet or need to begin your election collection, here are some new slogans that have potential reach “Vote or Die” status in the next year.

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