The Sexy Woman Who Beckons From the Past

It was a fashion of the rich and fameous that was made famous through movies and will forever be the look of the 20s even though the average 20s woman never wore a flapper dress in her life. But there was a general feel of optimism in America and women did start to roll down there stockings,wear red lip stick and take things a bit more lightly then in the decade before.

In the stylish 30s there was a return to a more ladylike appearance. The hair and female silhouette became softer and curves where the new law of attraction.

New fabrics like metallic lame were very popular at night while the newly invented nylon found its way into a lot of practical day and work clothes.

In the 40s you could see the influence the war had on fashion. Women had dresses down to their knees and colors where rather plain. Broad and square shoulders were in during that time due to the influence of military clothes. Sailor tops and deep collared dresses where also very popular during this time of war. A retro look that has been recently revived by the huge pinup girl trend that has swept the nation the past 5 years.

The 50s became the era of the high school Teenage fashion. The teens listened to the new tunes of rock'n roll, they danced the mashed potato and they made the trends.The Teddy Boys sleeked their hair into a wavy coif like Tony Curtis. Their girlfriends wore pony tails, poodle skirts, gingham or white shirts and the skirts were supported by bouffant paper nylon or net petticoats.  Topping it off were white crew stockings with black and white saddle shoes.

Teens  of the Fifties wore scoop neck blouses, back to front cardigans, tight polo necks or three quarter sleeve white fitted shirts. The Fifties are a beloved pool to fish for retro trends and many of its styles are classic staples of our fashion today.

The swinging 60s was an era that broke with fashion traditions just as it broke with social traditions. The mini skirt outraged the older generation, a round of new fabrics swept the market and made PVC dresses and Go Go boots possible.

By the 70s women new what and who they wanted to be. They had the choice to wear a mini dress or a maxi skirt. They walked confident in platform shoes and even wore pants or catsuits. Of course the 70s also was the time of disco glamour and hippie culture.

The 80s began with a disco backlash and turned out to be a quite polarized fashion era. There was punk with torn up clothes and spiked hair and there was the preppy style with oversized shoulder pads, polo shirts and leggings. The preppy girls tried to look a bit more like boys as women had become more successful in the mens working world.

Everything beyond the 80s is not yet considered retro yet but one day in the future our way of dressing will surely become retro fashion.

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