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Sponsored by Del Monte®

iStock-481727690 CroppedAny good road trip requires great snacks, and it might be nice if those snacks are at least a little bit healthy too - or at least that’s something you care about if you’re a parent! After all, while there are fast food options galore, along with sugary and salty snacks at just about every gas station, you don't want to sacrifice your family's healthy eating plan just because you're on the road.

Road Trip Snack Options That Make Mom, Dad and Kids Happy

When you think of healthy road trip snacks, you probably think about cut-up veggies, apples, oranges, bananas, and perhaps nuts or crackers. And while those are all healthy options, they are kind of boring! So chances are your kids - perhaps already a little rambunctious and ornery from being cooped up in a car for hours - might be less than thrilled with them.

Enter Del Monte Fruit Cup snacks! Made with real fruit and real fruit juice with plenty of natural sweetness that your kids will love - and they also contain the vitamins and nutrients that parents will love!

Choose Road-Worthy Snacks

The ease at which you can pack, store, eat, and eventually throw away your road trip snacks is probably not a major consideration when you purchase them, but you might want to think about how you're going to eat your snacks when you're on the road. That's where items with convenient and sturdy packaging come in handy. There's nothing worse than being starving in the middle of a long drive with your family, and having your snacks be crushed before anyone can enjoy them! Fruit Cup snacks are not only healthy but are also a perfectly portable option to take with you on-the-go and on the road!

Get Energized - And Stay Healthy - On The Road

Fruit makes an ideal road trip snack for any number of reasons, but it’s especially excellent because it gives you a healthy energy boost, can help hydrate you and is a good source of vitamin C. Consider Del Monte Fruit Cup snacks the next time you take your crew on the road!


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