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 17586-road-trip-kit-headerWho doesn't love a good road trip? Of course, you love it even more when everyone's happy, especially No. 1 (that's you!). A smooth ride on your next road trip has everything to do with what you pack. This is one of those times when you give a nod to the Boy Scouts as you gather your personal thingsyou must be prepared.

Womensforum and Poise® have put together the perfect Road Trip Kit to make sure the only time you stop along your trip is to admire the scenery! 


17586-number-1 FIRST-AID ON THE GO Minor cuts and scrapes don't stop a vacation, but they can be a nuisance. You don't want to wince every time you peel an orange or carry a bag. So along with a few classic Band-Aids grab some liquid bandage. Nothing beats it for those minor injuries while you're on the road.

17586-number-2 TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE Have a bit of a leaky bladder? You don't have to keep your eyes peeled for every rest-stop bathroom or dread every bump in the road. Be sure to pack a few Poise®Pads  so you can travel with confidence. Poise Thin-Shape Pads* have 3-in-1 protection for dryness, comfort and odor control, so leaks won't stop you from doing whatever you want to do. Nobody even has to know! Now you can focus your attention on that fun, trashy novel you want to finish instead.


 TRAVEL SICKNESS SOLUTION If a queasy feeling around turns is something you know all too well, then you definitely want to pack a bottle of peppermint oil to prevent carsickness. A few drops on the back of your neck, the inside of your wrists or right under your earlobes is said to be both soothing and relaxing.

17586-number-4 PINT-SIZED GERM FIGHTER We know! Hand sanitizer has become an everyday accessory, but here it can really come in handy, especially when you don't always have access to soap and water. This is great for wiping away sticky hands, cleaning up after dealing with runny noses, and can even help you cool off when the sun comes beating down through the car window.


FRESH AND CLEAN The road is a dirty, grimy place and spending too many hours sitting in one spot leaves you feeling dirty and grimy too. That's why we pack the wet wipes! A quick swipe around your neck and maybe even under your arms, and you feel clean and refreshed. As the slight moisture air dries it can also leave you feeling cooler. 

17586-number-6ICE-COLD RELIEF TO THE RESCUE They may look retro but the classic refillable ice bag is a little magic trick. If you are feeling a headache or a queasy stomach come on, grab some ice at the next drive-thru and put this little wonder on the back of your neck. Also, when someone bumps a knee or strains a muscle carrying those suitcases filled with shoes (remember No. 1?), and relief is just an ice bag away.  

Don't let the unexpected accidents or the everyday issues (can you say bathroom emergency?) stand in the way of a good time. Road trip with confidence knowing you have everything you need close at hand, and seize your #PoiseMoment. 

Do something for someone else - a little something. A $5 something. A $10 bowl of candy for the office something. Simple. Nothing that requires someone else to clean something or organize something or clean up something. Take the stairs or the long way there. Not every day or always or as a commitment. Just one day take the stairs (yes even if you are on the 35th floor, going down counts) You’ll feel a weird private sense of accomplishment! Box meals - feel like a fancy chef in your own home

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