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robin-thicke-dedicates-another-concert-performance-to-estranged-wife-headerHow much is too much? Robin Thicke still singing for forgiveness from Paula Patton. 

That was awkward…again. Robin Thicke begging for his estranged wife’s forgiveness was the forefront of his performance last night at the BET Awards. The artist debuted a song from his upcoming album, “Forever Love.” Thicke has been separated from his wife Paula Patton since February.

This is all too familiar for Thicke’s fans and frankly, it’s a little too uncomfortable. Besides just singing songs dedicated to his wife, Thicke also begins his performances with an apology and throws in a couple tears every so often. Last night, Thicke began with, “to my wife to say I miss you, and I’m sorry.” This may be tough on our part but some things are best kept personal.

Later on in the show, Thicke tweeted a picture of the couple in happier times captioned, “To my #ForeverLove.” While perhaps a sweet gesture, tagging your upcoming album in a ploy to win back your wife might not be the best idea.



The pair’s relationship has been under scrutiny before with cheating allegations against Thicke and even reports of a possible open relationship contract the two had. The couple who have been married for nine years continuously shot down rumors and showed plenty amounts of affection while attending events together. Even at the Grammy Awards in February, the two seemed in love and there was no sign of trouble. Days later, their separation was announced.

One day after his split was made public, Thicke performed a concert and it was there where he began his pattern of singing for forgiveness. We’re wondering whether Paula would prefer a more private conversation about their future together because so far, these concert pleas don’t seem to be helping.

Thicke and Patton met when they were just teenagers in Los Angeles and then married in 2005. They have a 4-year-old son together, Julian Fuego Thicke.

Photo Credit: BET.com 

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