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Listening to music builds emotional and social skills in children. Because of this, parents are always on the prowl for enjoyable, yet appropriate, songs. For those parents who are rockstars at heart and want to share that love of music with their littlest kids, we have a starter kit for building that rocker love.

Lisa Loeb 

Rockers-Who-Rock-For-Kids-LoebPhoto Credit: Splash, Amazon

Since becoming a mother, the “Stay (I Miss You)” singer has released many children’s albums including: Camp Lisa (2008), Catch The Moon (2003), Lisa Loeb's Songs for Movin' and Shakin': The Air Band Song and Other Toe-Tapping Tunes (2013) and a book with an attached CD of five original songs. Aside from her albums, Loeb has branched out into other children’s media, including books and a play. Why the change from indie rock to mommy music? “Now that I'm a mom, but also still an artist, I feel more than ever the need to follow my heart.” Loeb told Classicalite. “I want to be a really good example of believing in what you do.”

Def Leppard

Rockers-Who-Rock-For-Kids-dlPhoto Credit: Splash, Amazon

Even metalheads have a baby album to share with their kids. In 2011, the 1980’s glam metal band released Dreamin With Def Leppard, an album of children’s lullabies that repurposed their most well-known songs. This does mean your little ones will sing along to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”... but in a much more appropriate context.


Rockers-Who-Rock-For-Kids-jewelPhoto Credit: Splash, Amazon 

Share your love for 90’s music icon Jewel with her two children’s albums, Once Upon A Lullaby (2009) and Merry Goes Around (2011). The albums feature Jewel’s signature acoustic guitar skills, but sadly lack any yodeling. Maybe next time!

Barenaked Ladies

Rockers-Who-Rock-For-Kids-bnlPhoto Credit: Splash, Amazon

Another 90’s music icon is at again, but this time it’s from the earworm music of the Barenaked Ladies. Released in 2008, Snacktime became an instant hit. Featuring 24 songs, the album features unique music like “Crazy ABCs," which takes a bit of a turn from the children's classic with alternative lines like “P is for pneumonia."

Ziggy Marley

Rockers-Who-Rock-For-Kids-MarleyPhoto Credit: Amazon

Family time gets cool with Ziggy Marley. Not only does Marley's Family Time (2009) feature the reggae sounds of Ziggy, there are artists that mom and dad will love! Marley collaborates with music icons like Bonnie Raitt and Willie Nelson to create boppy tunes that will leave your house grooving.

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