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When trying to plan an exciting party for your fun-loving child, you can’t go wrong with a rockstar theme! Kids will love the loud music, dancing and singing.

It is a great way for kids to bond and a great excuse for fun and loud games. There are so many ways to incorporate the theme into parties for both boys and girls. Try these ideas to throw a rockin' party that your child and their friends will not soon forget!

Tattoo Parlor


All cool rock stars have tattoos, right?

The idea of your child having a tattoo might scare you a bit - worry not, these tattoos are only temporary!

Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, even for a large amount of them. Buy a variety and set up your own version of a tattoo "parlor” with just a washcloth or a spray bottle filled with water.

Be sure to have a mix of fun tattoos for different kids, from different shapes and styles to textures like sparkly or matte. 

The kids will love lining up to get some fresh new "ink" and just think of all of those cute Instagram pics! 

 Check out these ideas for temporary kid tattoos. 



Thanks to smartphones and tablets, doing karaoke is as easy as downloading an app. You no longer have to have a machine, and nothing keeps a child’s attention better than a smartphone or tablet. Pre-pick easy songs for the kids to sing and this will keep them entertained for hours.

We suggest "Finale Mash-Up" and "Gotta Get To Camp" from Barbie's Rock 'N Royals soundtrack to get the party going. 

For these songs and more, check out this playlist: 13 Best Sing-A-Long Songs For Kids!

The children will love singing and probably end up singing even when it is not their turn. It is OK for the adults to join in on the sing-a-long fun!

Costume Table

16336-little-girl-rockstar-costume-2You want every child to feel like they are a rockstar when they are at the party, so an easy way to make sure they do is to have a rockstar outfit!

Set up a costume table stocked with colorful wigs, cool sunglasses and bandanas. You can easily find most of these items at a party store or even a thrift store or maybe even in the back of your own closet!

Add some fun bows and gloves with the fingers cut off. Or maybe take some old t-shirts and let them cut out strips.

Rockin' Movie


After all of the rocking out, kids will need a break. A great way to stay with the theme is to throw on a rockstar kids' movie. Kids will still have the opportunity to dance and sing, but slows things down a bit. During this time it will also give you a chance to clean up from the party and catch a breather yourself!

The-Evolution-of-Barbie-filmThere are a ton of great rock n’ roll themed children’s movies, like  Barbie Rock 'N Royals that are a great party-time addition. The movie is about Barbie® Princess Courtney ends up at Rock Camp. How perfect is that for rockstar party entertainment? 

What's nice about this movie is you can put together a party playlist from the soundtrack. You could, or you could just use the one we have created for you! You're welcome! Rock on!

Click here for the Rock 'N Royals Playlist:

Microphone Cupcakes

With kids, you can never go wrong with cupcakes. With these microphone cupcakes, it's encouraged to play with your food!


Another plus, these microphone cupcakes are super easy to make. Thanks to the heavy use of sprinkles, you don’t have to worry about piling on a ton of frosting. The cone at the bottom also makes this treat super easy to eat. If you want to take the microphone theme a step further, paint the cones with  edible silver coloring. Find out how to make this rockin' treat here.

Plastic Guitars

16336-plastic-guitarParty favors for a child’s party are always fun, but super short lived. They usually will get thrown out within a few days.

But, with this party favor the kids can use it while they are at the party. Let the kids start jamming away.

The plastic guitars are great for dancing and karaoke. The kids will definitely not want to put it down!


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There are a ton of great rock n’ roll themed children’s movies
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