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ptr-rom101-125sqRomance 101 is for the romantic in all of us whether you need some inspiration or are already very at home in the romance and relationship department. Full of just for kicks surveys and tests this site is not only a great resource on everything romantic but also a ton of fun just to browse and help inspire some hot and engaging conversation rolling between friends. Happy visitors donate their love letters, stories and advice to the site and make this a profound resource for everyone interested in love, companionship and romance. Visit Website

Jon Sternoff founded Romance 101 in 1992 when he was still in college, and the site since then has grown into a generous resource with over 1000 pages. It is one of the most complete sites dedicated to romance. Especially interesting is the section where readers tell their own true stories. Get inspired by this site, take initiative for your own love life, and pick up a little inspirations for your own date when you are on your way out into the town with a special someone.

Womensforum Partner: Romance101 joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 3/2000.

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