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Home Valentine's Day 14 Songs For Your V-Day Playlist

14 Songs For Your V-Day Playlist

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romantic-valentines-playlistWhether your Valentine’s Day plans revolve around a romantic night out, a delicious home-cooked meal or a special night in, the right playlist is key.

The following songs also work great as a thoughtful mix CD or playlist to turn on for the evening. There's nothing quite like the right mix of songs to show your honey how much you care! These songs could also help you tell that special someone how you feel about them... 

1. Beach Boys – "God Only Knows"
2. Sam Cooke – "Nothing Can Change This Love"
3. Beyonce – "XO"
4. Liz Phair – "Why Can’t I?"
5. Cat Power – "Sea of Love"
6. Neil Young – "Harvest Moon"
7. Beatles – "Something"
8. The Ronettes – "Walking in the Rain"
9. Drake – "Hold On We’re Going Home"
10. Justin Timberlake - "Mirrors"
11. Elvis Presley - "Can't Help Falling In Love"
12. Ed Sheeran - "Kiss Me"
13. Elton John - "Your Song"
14. U2 - "With or Without You"

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