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run-in-style-with-swirlgear-fitness-apparelHit the trails and log those miles comfortably and in style while wearing high-performance running clothes from Swirlgear. 


Runners run for health, the high, clarity—and even fashion. Maybe your week is off and completing those miles feels like a sluggish challenge. Perhaps you’re losing momentum while training for an upcoming full marathon. Sporting new, fashionable running clothes as you step outside the door may just be the running motivation you need to put one foot in front of the other.

Check out this great athletic wear from Swirlgear.

In the words of Swirlgear, “You log a lot of miles out there... It’s time you get noticed.” Swirlgear promotes spirited, strong and stylish active women by offering superior-quality, high-performance running clothes. It's the perfect time to update your running wardrobe and show-off bold athletic looks for outdoor runs.


Swirlgear Athletic Wear


A Runner’s Vision


Swirlgear fitness apparel was designed by Lacie Whyte, an entrepreneur and runner who needed longer cut athletic shirts to accommodate her height. Her collection was also inspired by Whyte's vision for vibrant, fun running sportswear. Wearing bright and colorful hoodies and shirts makes the sport of running even more fun and exciting. Dressed in a vibrant Swirlgear shirt with its reflective logo on the back also improves your safety while running at dusk. 


Technical Running Shirts


Swirlgear running shirts are designed to be fully-functional and not ride up while on a run. T-shirts are designed with flat seams throughout the inside of the shirt, which prevents chaffing on a two or 10 mile run. Swirlgear’s moisture-wicking fabric also provides comfortable runs indoors and outdoors during any season. The capped-sleeve pink camo or sunny yellow shirt wicks sweat away from skin while keeping you cool. 


One-of-a-kind Tye-Dyed Designs


To empower runners and represent the special individuality of active women, Swirlgear uses a spray dye technique to create unique patterns for each shirt. Whyte explains that “some shirts will have a little more pink and some will have a little more gray, or whatever color palette happens to be used.” Depending on the weather and even your mood, mix and match the Swirlgear athletic wear. Pair the pink running hoodie with black shorts on cool, crisp morning runs and switch the hoodie for the pink camo sleeved shirt for when you hit the pavement on a warm, late afternoon. 


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