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 origrunning-advice-for-womenWe've got tips for you to become a runner in no time! 

Women are always looking for an outlet to relieve stress and get away from the chaos. Running is a perfect way to do it. It doesn't just have to be for the marathoners, but anyone can gain endurance and relieve stress just by getting out for a short run.

Have you ever wanted to become a runner but don’t know where to begin? Megan Searfoss, founder of "Run Like a Mother" says running is a great way for women to have a little “me-time.”

Solve Your Problems With Running

Searfoss says she uses running to solve her problems, whether it’s with girlfriends, a boyfriend, or alone. The easiest step for running is to simply open your door and start putting one foot in front of the other. Next, make a running plan. Runlikeamother.com has several ideas for you.

Most importantly, ladies, invest in great women’s running shoes that are comfortable and stable. Whether you run for fitness, to clear your mind or run to socialize with friends, being a consistent runner will benefit several aspects of your life. 

A great way to get moving is to start a running club or even join one in your area. The goal is to get up and get going!

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