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Who would ever think of running 1,000 marathons in their lifetime?  

Well, although Iranian-born Parvaneh Moayedi currently holds the Guinness World Record for marathon runs on consecutive days by a female, she is now trying for 1,000! With 250 marathons completed in the last year, she’s definitely moving forward with her intention. In between training runs, I asked Parvaneh a few questions.

Everyone will ask...why are you trying to do 1,000 marathons?

I started running marathons in 2000 after having run for fitness for more than 20 years. I have run marathons in all U.S. states and D.C. twice, as well as on all seven continents. I am a dual Guinness World Record Holder for Most Consecutive Marathons (17 days), as well as Most Marathons in a year for a female with 168. I broke both my records since then with 253 marathons in one year and 121 consecutive marathons and ultras recently and have reapplied for the record.

I am the leading female in North America to have run close to 600 marathons and ultra marathons in my life time. Setting a goal to challenge myself to finish 1000 marathons is just a natural step for me.

How does your body feel after the first 250?

I reached 250 in 2012 during my goal to run most marathons that year, which ended up being 66. I ran 213 marathons in 2013 and so far this year more than 90, which includes a couple of 100 milers. I have a couple of fractures on my feet that have been keeping me from running faster races. I am used to running with all type of injuries, such as countless fractures on my feet, broken ribs, arm, hand, nose and pulled muscles here and there. This is just part of being an ultra-runner and adds more to the challenge.


What are your workouts like when you're running those distances?

My workout is running three to four marathons and ultras on average per week. I have to travel to get to most of these races and there is no time for cross training. I finished the Badwater Ultramarathon last year. The world's toughest foot race, covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA in temperatures up to 130° F (55° C).

It is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. I am running this race again on July 21st and in preparation these days, my training also consists of multiple days of running marathons in winter closing for heat training.

How is your sleep? Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

Sleeping is essential to me to recover physically and mentally and I never had problem falling sleep. I have to train my body for sleep deprivation these days to run Badwater. This race has a 48 hour time limit, which requires me to be up and moving for that period of time to finish.

Are you taking supplements?

I have always been a strong believer of natural nutrition and staying healthy by eating right, therefore I don’t take any supplements.

Thank goodness you aren't wearing the wrong socks... but what other things should someone consider to have in their arsenal for accomplishing this type of feat (pun intended). How many pairs of shoes will you wear?

I am fortunate to have met Mark Cleveland (founder of Swiftwick) three years ago and found out about the best socks! I especially like the Twelve length socks which allow me to stay cramp free; I don’t leave home without them! Many people are surprised to hear that I put on at least 1000 miles on a pair of shoes.

There are two reasons for overusing shoes. First of all, my shoes just start getting comfortable after the first few 100 miles. I also don’t have a shoe sponsor yet and they can get very expensive! Last year I used close to 10 pairs, two of them melted during the Badwater race because of 200 degree on the asphalt!

Finally, what words of advice do you tell yourself...and can share with others?

I believe "We can do anything in life if we set our minds to it" given the time and training.

Womensforum wishes Parvaneh the best of luck in hitting her goal and keeping her body healthy!

Photo Credit: Facebook

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook or email me directly at andrea@womensforum.com.

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