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Keeping your kids safe and happy are every parent’s top priorities. Those two qualities can be hard to balance though with a house full of little athletes! Kids are notoriously injury prone and sports drastically increase their chances of getting hurt. From bicycling to basketball, there are steps you can take to ensure your kids are safe when they get active.

What They Use


The right equipment is your first line of defense against sports related injuries. Even non-contact sports like baseball and basketball can quickly get dangerous without the appropriate equipment. There are a lot of equipment options out there, so make sure you’re buying a brand that is approved by the game’s respective certification council. If you’re unsure of what equipment is necessary, the team’s coach can be an excellent source of information.

Where They Play


Maintenance and upkeep of the game’s playing surface not only keeps it looking nice, but can help prevent serious injuries also. Keep an eye out for broken glass on the basketball court or deep divots on the soccer field. Kids aren’t likely to notice these hazards in the heat of the game so taking preventative measures is a great way to ensure safety.

Who Is With Them 


Proper adult supervision is probably the most important aspect when it comes to safety and sports. If an injury does occur, a fast acting adult is the quickest path to recovery. If the game gets a little too intense, a parent can always step in and diffuse the situation. When a player gets a little too winded, it helps to have an adult overlooking the matter, suggesting they take a breather before getting too exhausted.

Kids won’t likely keep themselves safe while playing sports. They’re drive to compete and have fun doing it can sometimes come at the expense of their safety. That’s why it’s up to adults to step in and take the proper steps to make sure playtime is injury free.

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