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When it comes to dating and casual hook ups, it's always important to play it safe. Lucky for us, we live in the age of technology, which means that besides having basics like birth control and condoms, we also have plenty of high tech options that can keep you safe and in good health. 

S.T.EYE Condoms

s-t-eye-condomsPhoto Credit: Buzzfeed

The latest of these helpful products comes from a group of London teens who've invented a condom that changes colors when it comes in contact with an STD. A built-in indicator causes the condom to glow different colors depending on what STD bacteria it detects. Although the product is still in its concept stage, it has the potential to help people be more in tune with their sexual health. 

DrinkSavvy Straws and Stirrers


 Photo Credit: DrinkSavvy Facebook

Going out with friends to a bar or a club can be an awesome, fun experience, but unfortunately for many people, the possibility of having you drink roofied is a real fear. Thankfully DrinkSavvy has created a product that can help alleviate those fears, with straws and stirrers that change color if someone slips something into your drink. The product is still being developed for commercial release, but the company founders have said the drink ware will be out soon

Drink Safe Coasters

drink-safe-coastersPhoto Credit: Drink Safe

Similar to the DrinkSavvy straws, Drink Safe coasters can alert you if someone slips a roofie into your drink. The coasters contain two tester spots, which you can place a drop of your drink on. If the tester drops turn blue, you know to dump your drink. Unlike DrinkSavvy straws, the coasters are available now and cost 85 cents each.  

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