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safety-items-to-protect-your-toddlerToddlers manage to get their hands on everything, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with how fast they are moving and growing. Safe-proofing your house is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent. While your toddler is exploring, they may not realize when they are in danger of being injured. These must have safety items are the perfect way to ensure that your toddler will be able to stay out of danger as they continue to grow.

Baby Proofing Your Home Checklist

1. Door Jams and Covers

A door jam, which prevents fingers from jamming, is important to have on any door your toddler has access to. To be on the safe side, I would recommend putting one on every door in your home because you never know what your toddler is capable of when you turn around for a minute. You can also put closed door knob covers, which makes it impossible for a toddler to turn a doorknob and find themselves in a storage closet.

2. Corner Guards and Outlet Covers

Make sure to put hard corner guards all around the house. You wouldn’t want your baby to bump their head and get an injury that could have easily been prevented. Along with corner guards, make sure to install outlet covers. Toddlers want to touch everything and you don’t want them playing around with electricity.

3. Stair Guards

If you live in a home with stairs, make sure you have stair gates. This is even necessary for a flight of only two to three steps because toddlers can easily stumble and hit their head.

4. Cabinet and Drawer Locks

In your kitchen, office, bathroom or any other room with drawers and cabinets, install cabinet and drawer locks. These are easy for adults to open but impossible for a toddler to maneuver. A lot of kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be below the sink, and you don’t want your toddler having access to any cleaning supplies, dishes, or anything that isn’t given to them by yourself.

5. Protect Drains

In your bathroom, be sure to also install a bath spout cover. Many bathroom spouts can have heavy water pressure that can be harmful to your toddler and could possibly cause drowning. Install them to ensure that your toddler won’t be overpowered by water when they are bathing. You can also place a soft, cushy cover over the faucet.

6. Toy Choking Tube

Once you have safe-proofed your house, you must also be aware that even simple things can cause danger, such as your baby’s toys. Not only do toddler’s like to roam around, press buttons and open doors, they also like to put things in their mouth -- even their toys. Invest in a toy choking tube. A toy choking tube is used for measure the size of toys to see if they can go down a toddler’s throat. If you place a toy, for example, a pair of dice into a tube and they fit, chances are you shouldn’t be allowing your toddler to play with them.

Be smart and take all the precautions necessary to prevent your child from unwanted injuries or danger. The little things matter most and you wouldn’t want to regret not taking the steps to safe-proof your home. While it may be expensive to safe-proof your entire home, think about the added benefits that outweigh the costs.

Providing a safe environment for your toddler will pay off in the long run and will also make you comfortable with them roaming around as they begin to explore.  

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