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ptr-sallys-place-125sqSallyBernstein.com (aka Sally's Place) is where to go for expert information on food, wine, other beverages and travel. The site promises to impart culinary knowledge that is global in reach, yet local in feel. With over 2,400 pages of content, the options and scope are outstanding. A cook, chef or anyone just needing to whip up some great sustenance will find the site very useful. The recipes and food sections give a vast banquet of choices from simple American staples to the more exotic and lesser-known foods from far off lands. Visit Website

The recipes are laid out clearly and will aid the most experienced chef to the most culinarily challenged of bachelors. The attention given to beverages, alcoholic and non, is one of the things that set the site apart from many of the other sites about food and cooking. Especially interesting are the articles tracing the finer beverages to their places of origin, and exploring the cultural and historic aspects behind these precious fluids all while appealing to the traveller/adventurer in all of us that care about fine dining and drinking.

Womensforum Partner: SallysPlace joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 9/2000.

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