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Photo Credit: YouTube

How many seasons are in a year? According to The Daily Show's Samantha Bee and Jason Jones, there are five: spring, summer, fall, winter... and red carpet.

Coming from such esteemed reporters, there is no denying this is a fact... or we'll just go along with it for now. 

From fashion analysis to nominee breakdowns to glamorous after parties, Hollywood is brimming with prestigious events and celebs to attend them. But what about all the great scenes that happen behind the scenes? Bee and Jones, a comedic duo on TV and hilarious spouses in real-life, will be showing us just that as they report "live-ish" from coast to coast. 

"It's so ripe to kind of poke fun at entertainment reporting... and Butterfinger wanted to do something irreverent this awards season," Bee told WomensForum. "They thought of us because we like to butt into things the way that Butterfinger butts into things."

Bee noted that Butterfinger tends to butt into major pop culture events (remember that hilarious Super Bowl commercial from last year?) so what better time to do that than awards season? The two see themselves as "the perfect ambassadors for butting in." 

With yummy Butterfinger Cups to fuel their energy, the two will "butt into" awards season and fans can follow the action at ButterfingerCups.com or on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't expect them to be interviewed or interviewing on any actual red carpets though. "We're not allowed on actual carpets... so we brought our own," Jones said. 

Want to join in, or should we say butt in? You could make a belfie stick like Bee (essentially a selfie stick made of Butterfingers) or just share a selfie with a Buttefinger. Your choice!

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