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16421 sandwich alternatives

The iconic school lunch- the sandwich. Two slices of bread, some meat, cheese, and maybe a few veggies make up a time-tested recipe that has filled many hungry stomachs for generations. 

As good as the sandwich might be, repetition gets boring. Your kids will be happy to open that brown paper bag and see something new waiting for them.

In case you need a little help coming up with some fresh ideas, here are a few creative and tasty options your kids can try!

Boiled Eggs & Salt


An often overlooked protein-packed sandwich substitute is the easy to make hard boiled egg. It requires less clean up than a sandwich would and is just as healthy. Throw some salt into the mix and you've got one tasty lunch!

Veggie Soup


The main challenge here is keeping the soup warm, but preparing a lot of soup to dole out throughout the course of a week is a great time saver. Simply heat it up and pour into a thermos that's up to the task.

Bean Dip & Chips


This idea can work as either a side or main course. Bean dip can be very filling, has a good amount of protein and goes great with additional meats and veggies. Better yet, you can keep it cold, warm, or room temperature. Include some chips for scooping and your kids will be the envy of the lunchroom. 

Baked Mac N' Cheese


Every kid loves mac and cheese, but taking a few extra steps can kick their lunch up to the next level. This is another one that can be prepared in bulk, making for a quick option when it comes to either lunch or dinner. 

Turkey Kabobs 

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