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sara-bareilles-helps-two-couples-propose-headerPhoto Credit: YouTube

Fair warning: you may laugh, cry and get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

Sara Bareilles' newest music video "I Choose You" encompasses the amazing moment when a couple gets engaged. She made the video memorable by helping two very in-love people plan their proposals. Watch and get ready to feel the love! 

The song is from her Grammy-nominated fourth studio album The Blessed Unrest. With a mid-tempo ballad that is just-right for proposals, the music video using real engagement stories is just perfect. 

"Tell the world that we finally got it all right / I choose you / I will become yours and you will become mine / I choose you," Bareilles sings as text comes across the screen to explain how she helped fans of hers pop the question. 

In the video, we meet Matt from Los Angeles, California who proposes to his lady Chelsea by walking her down a memory lane of dioramas made of post-it notes. We also meet Aly from Denver, Colorado who paints posters to tell her love story to her partner Andrea. 

Bareilles appears at both proposals, singing the hit song and ensuring the couples they will never forget that moment.  

It's clear both Chelsea and Andrea said yes. 

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