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Photo Credit: HBO

Carrie Bradshaw entered our lives in the early '90s. And now that Sarah Jessica Parker is turning 50, we are celebrating all the life lessons we've learned from the most stylish character on television to date. 

1. Working out sucks unless it’s with friends.


While we don’t suggest you smoke a cigarette and go on a run like Carrie does, we do recommend surrounding yourself with good girlfriends.

2. Order a Cosmopolitan every time the opportunity arises.


There’s a limited amount of time in our lives when we can load up with sugary alcoholic beverages and wake up not feeling like death. So, seize the moment and super size your drink order.

3. Dance in your tutu.


Oh, you’re over the age of 30 and don’t own a tutu? Well, Carrie Bradshaw does and if you do too, dance and don’t give it away for anything.

4. Keep in touch with old friends (and some ex-boyfriends.)


Time passes, technology changes, but friends are forever. And ex-boyfriends sometimes get better looking so don’t lose touch. 

5. Be Picky.


When you’re looking for the perfect dress for the big day, make sure you stop by the boutique that offers couture gowns, fashion photographers, and a ladder to change the light bulb in case of bad lighting. 

6. Ask the necessary questions.


Don’t let people fool you, ever. Follow your instincts and if it smells fishy, it is fishy.

7. Use what you got.


Don’t spend countless amounts of money on the expensive lotions, creams, and make-up. Sometimes home remedies do the trick for your daily dose of beauty. 

8. Don’t leave a party without leftovers, especially if it’s cake.


If you’re single and living in New York City as a newspaper columnist, we’re assuming you can’t pass up free food.

9. Always look on the bright side.


There will forever be silver linings in every situation. Whether you’re mugged on the street, have your Manolo Blahniks stolen at a baby shower, or your new boyfriend just entered a psychiatric facility, there will always be more coffee.

10. Don't settle.


Just because a wealthy and sexy Russian boyfriend moves you to France and into an exquisite hotel where you can freely roam the streets of Paris and eat croissants doesn't mean it's enough. Especially when he makes you miss a party to hold his hand at a museum!

Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker, and thank you Carrie Bradshaw, because without both of you, we wouldn’t be the tutu-wearing, fashion-crazed, Cosmopolitan drinkers we are today. 

Gif Credits: Gifphy, Tumblr

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