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Sarah McLachlan talks about what worries her most as a parent, her thriving sex life and more! 

During a recent CNN interview, we all got to know more about Sarah McLachlan’s new relationship and how she is as parent. McLachlan, 46, is divorced and a mom of two girls. She is touring the country promoting her seventh solo album, "Shine On." Her first album was released in 1988, when she was barely out of her teenage years. 

Now, the Grammy Award winning singer has two girls of her own and recently discussed what worries her most as a parent, what kind of role models she wants for her girls and CNN got a little sneak peek into her intimate side!


McLachlan’s daughters are 7 and 12 and have traveled on tour with her since they were babies! But, what worries her most as a parent is social media.

"I think Facebook is a really dangerous tool in the hands of kids," McLachlan said. "I really don't think they should be allowed on it until they're 18 or 20 years old because it's a weapon, basically."

She also notes how important and imperative female role models are to girls and young women. 

McLachlan also commented on women in society. "There's still a glass ceiling. I think we've come a long way. There are way more women in powerful positions (as) CEOs. There's still a huge discrepancy between how many women are in power in companies and how many men, and inequality in pay ... but we're making strides, absolutely."

While she has all these incredible and moral views and ideas, she also let us in on her intimate life too! 

Since May 2014, McLachlan has been dating former NHL player Geoff Courtnall. McLachlan revealed that she's had more sex this year in her new relationship than she's had in her life! 


Recently, there’s been a boom in celebs posting untouched photos of themselves online, which McLachlan says is super important for her girls to see and understand that flaws are okay.

"I didn't have any issues with my body. I wasn't overweight, I wasn't skinny. I just eat and I wear the clothes I wear and I never really even gave it much of a thought. There's just so much pressure on these girls these days."

Her new album "Shine On" is all about going through your 40s and all the changes one experiences. The selfless singer also loves to give back, especially with her Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which is for at risk and underserved kids in her community.

So what’s next for the selfless, intelligent singer and mom of two?

"I have no idea. Like my kids, I live in the moment. I can't help it. I have a very hard time looking forward, and thinking about what's coming next. I'm just enjoying every moment."

Photo Credit: PR Photos, Instagram


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