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Is your Facebook feed filled with feuding "Trumpsters" and "Hillary Homies" going at it, and all you really want to do is support democracy without landing in the trolling crossfire? What's a good American to do? Apparently, we can all register to vote. Not only will we have done our civic duty, but apparently our reward is a male nude scene in an upcoming movie!

Joss Whedon, one of pop culture's favorite directors rejoined Twitter (he left last year) and immediately released a video with A LOT of famous people asking everyone to register to vote, and—wait for it—a promise that Mark Ruffalo will get naked if you do. Warning: There is light profanity and some pretty anti-Trump moments in this video: 

The video was created by a PAC called Save the Day, which is dedicated to “the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act.” 
17952-save-the-day-logoThere is a certain synergy to the idea that the man behind The Avengers reboot would come up with a "be a hero and vote" type of campaign message. Whedon, in his signature way, hosted a half-hour Facebook Live event talking about the issue.

The "lots and lots" of famous people in the Save The Day video all took a tongue-in-cheek approach and definitely had fun with the message. Actor Don Cheadle's baby-sized rant and Actress Ashley Johnson's surprisingly tearful plea break from the cheeky delivery to pack a serious punch, but, for the most part, the celebrities just encourage people to register to vote, and then follow through on voting day.

17952-mark-in-video.jpgAt the 2:11 mark, the video takes an interesting turn when the celebs offer up actor Mark Ruffalo for a nude scene in his next movie. Ruffalo acts surprised and confused by the offer, saying, "They should just vote because it matters, don't you think?" In the Facebook Live event, Whedon says that when Ruffalo was approached he wanted to know why him. The director replies that it was because he didn't know Channing Tatum. 

Whether you want to see Mark Ruffalo naked or not, the message is a good one. Go get yourself registered to vote, and vote... for whoever you support. The savetheday.vote website has links to register. Once you do that, remember to go to the polls on November 8.

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