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Time to celebrate the 25th birthday of the greatest '90s show ever! 

It’s been 25 years since Saved By the Bell aired in 1989. Feeling old yet? To honor this popular '90s show, we’ve compiled some of its best moments. Even 25 years later, many networks still play reruns of the series. Anyone who grew up watching this show knows that even in the year 2014, the moment you hear that cheery theme song, it’s time for a trip down Bayside High memory lane! 

5 Best Saved by the Bell Moments 

The Slater Dance 

Zack and Slater are competing for Kelly’s affection. After she enters a dance competition, she must choose one of the guys as her partner. What better way to settle this than a dance off? Slater hit us with his big muscles and even bigger moves! Watch out Zack! 

Jessie Spano Addicted to Caffeine Pills

In order to stay awake to stay on top of her schoolwork and her newly formed singing group, Jessie takes to caffeine pills but quickly becomes too addicted to them. Zack goes to talk to her about the dangers of these pills and this is when she probably had her best moment on the show. It showed us a Jessie we never knew. The Jessie we all knew always had it together and she finally, let go! 


This really needs no explanation... just watch.

Screech’s Woman

Good ol’ friend Zack decides to dress up as a woman, Bambi, and pretend to like Screech. This hilarious episode features Screech’s already low self-esteem deteriorating so Zack tries to give his buddy a little ego boost. But, Screech turns out to like "Bambi" way more than Zack was anticipating. 


Slater: (When he realizes Zack is Bambi) Preppy, is that you? NIIIICEEE legs.

No Hope With Dope 

This episode clearly had a positive message for the pre-teens and teens of the time!

When a famous movie star comes to Bayside High to film an anti-drug campaign, he turns out to be hypocritical. Not only does he smoke pot, but tries to offer it to others. So, the Bayside gang puts together a public service announcement that’s way better than any other drug campaign we’ve ever seen. 

It seems like just about everyone is celebrating the 25th anniversary. In the newest episode of "Teens React" from The Fine Brothers, they celebrate by watching some Saved By the Bell. Teen Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones guests stars and she notices some major similarities between when the show aired and today.


"We're kind of coming back to this fashion now," Williams said about the colorful clothes worn by the cast. "Everyone is, like, wearing this stuff again."

And when it comes to the lifelong battle between team Zack Morris and team A.C. Slater, there is one obvious winner according to Eric Beckerman.

"Zack -- because he can stop time!" 

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