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Sponsored by Nestlé Health Science ProNourish® Drinks

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Did you know that more than 1 in 3 people in the United States deal with digestive sensitivities? That's over 80 million people! So chances are that you or someone you know suffers from these uncomfortable and even painful problems.

However, there's a savvy shopper solution for you in the form of Nestlé Health Science ProNourish® Drinks. These drinks come in multiple flavors, and the newest one is a luscious chocolate that we think is delicious. And it avoids certain food ingredients that may trigger digestive discomfort, has 15 grams of protein and is Gluten Free. If you follow an exclusion diet such as the low FODMAP diet or a gluten-free diet, ProNourish® Digestive Wellness Drinks can help you get the nutrition you need to fill your dietary gaps.

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