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Sponsored by Santa Cruz Organic®

8156 SC Sweetheart Apple Sandwich primary ECMP 2786339 Revision 0 CroppedDoes your kid love all forms of sweet and delicious fruit spreads in their school lunches? Of course. But that's really only the beginning of your options for healthy, delicious lunches that they will love - and that you will love giving them!

Chances are at this point in the school year, your kids are probably already bored of their everyday lunches. So why not upgrade to organic and give things a twist with Santa Cruz Organic® fruit spreads? They come in flavors like Apricot, Blackberry Pomengranate, Mango, and Seedless Red Raspberry, and they're all organic and non-GMO. So you can feel great about giving your kids lunches, snacks, and treats that include these tasty spreads.

As an added bonus? You can save 25% at Target with the Cartwheel app. So stock up, save, and make lunchtime your little's one's favorite moment of the day!

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