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'Tis the season to be scared. Halloween has always reminded us of the lingering possibility of ghosts and goblins. We enjoy seeing our little kiddies dressed up in their costumes, some costumes downright frightening and others just plain cute. We go to parties and dress up ourselves and Halloween is just simply fun! Some of us hit the haunted houses and others visit the actual “real” haunted houses.

Here is a list of suspected scary, haunted houses where there have reportedly been ghost sightings. What do you think about ghosts? Do you live anywhere near these places?

Top Haunted Places in America

1. Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

Rumor has it that the legendary baseball field in Chicago has the spirits of Harry Caray, former broadcaster and famous former baseball player, Charlie Grimm. The ashes of Grimm are alleged to be buried in the outfield and Steve Goodman’s ashes (singer/songwriter and huge fan), are supposedly buried beneath home plate.

2. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

When we hear the word, “Winchester,” we think of guns. The home was that of Winchester- gun-maker widow, Sarah Winchester, who believed the house was haunted by people who fell victim to Winchester guns. Because of this, the house was under construction nearly constantly to keep the spirits away.

3. Witch House, Salem, Mass.

This scary home is the only one left standing in the neighborhood from the 1692 Witchcraft Trials. Talk about spooky!

4. Boca Grande Lighthouse, Gasparilla Island, FL

Two ghosts reportedly haunt this Fort Meyers, Florida lighthouse. A decapitated Spanish princess has reportedly been seen walking through the sand around the lighthouse, as well as the ghost of a young girl who can be heard playing and laughing in the upper part.

5. Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

The ghost of Bugsy Siegel, former mobster has reportedly been seen in the Presidential Suite, where he frequented. His specter has been seen in the bathroom and by the infamous pool table.

6. Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

Home to ten reported ghosts, this large home was owned by attorney William Winter, who was murdered on the porch by a stranger. Some say there were ten murders that occurred there, but only Winter’s has gone down in record.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Whispering, giggling and weeping sounds have been reported in this castle-like structure, which housed gangster Al Capone, “Slick Willie” Sutton, bank robber and thousands of notorious criminals.

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