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In school there are very few areas that are specifically for the child and their own personal use. Everything in school is shared or at the least has open access to everyone else in the school. Hence, the reason it is so important to stock up that locker with all the school locker supplies that you might possibly need. 

A child's locker is the one place in the whole building that you have your own personal space in a world that lacks privacy and personalization. Customizing this private space with some school locker essentials can be a project to help with some individuation and perhaps give a little bit of personal pride and individual taste.

For school lockers, there are some school locker essentials that may come in handy for the academic year. So just start at the top (no pun intended). 

1. Line Your Locker Shelves with Paper

You can begin by decorating or lining the shelves with some type of paper such as locker shelf paper or wall paper. Make sure the school doesn't have any rules against it though. However, the paper is a great start to personalizing it and making it your own. I have seen lockers decorated with Batman paper as well as NASCAR textiles. They look very sharp and very unique.

2. Add Additional Locker Shelves if Needed

Then take a look at the space. Do you need more shelves? There is actually sturdy locker shelving made just for this purpose. If you are like me you like shelves more than anything else and if you do, you will need to buy some to add to your current locker configuration. Locker shelves can add so much room as compared to throwing everything on the floor. With seven layers deep you won't find anything!

3. Install a Locker Mirror

Locker essentials can also include things such as locker mirrors and hangers. Many girls like having a mirror inside their locker and in fact so do a lot of boys. They can check out their hair or makeup and then do quick updates when they want to. Which brings up another essential, a mini locker makeup kit. Along with the entire quickie essentials is always good to have inside of the locker along with a brush or comb.

4. Add Pictures

Personal locker pictures add much to the locker and give the locker a personal, homey feel. So put up whichever pictures are going to make you feel the most at home and add them to the side and back of the locker with two sided tape. Add to the pictures with some really fun magnets that you can use to hang up notes to yourself or some of those pictures you have and you are ready.

5. Work on Organization and Functionality!

Next move on to the functional aspects of that storage bin. A dry erase bulletin board will add to your locker and will give you someplace to quickly jot down some notes to yourself which are easily erased. Another item that will probably give you some greater functionality is a locker calendar that you can write down test dates and other important things that you want to remember (like your Mother's birthday perhaps)!

Other school locker essentials might include small items as well. For the top shelf you can think about a pencil, pen or scissor holder so if you happen to lose the one you are carrying you can easily replace it just by visiting your locker. Additionally, not all lockers come with locks provided. If yours doesn't make sure you buy a solid locker combination padlock. Keys are so easy to lose and it is very annoying to have to break into your own locker. Not that I haven't lost my own key a time or two, or three.

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