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school-supply-shoppingSaving Money on Back to School Clothes and Supplies

It's back to school time once again! With the economy still not rebounding, you need all the help you can get this year. Compare all prices on everything for school when you are looking through sales flyers. Sign up for deals online. Most stores now have a website, so they will provide special online sales, newsletters, e- coupons and coupons you can use at your local store. This can become a gold mine if you really do your homework for going back to school. Here are some places where you can get cheap school supplies.

School Supplies Cheap

Most department stores virtually turn into school supplies stores during this time of year.  If you have a Target store in your area, you need to check them out. Target is the main competitor to Wal-mart, and they will have certain brands on sale when other stores won't. Even if you do not know have a school supply list yet, you will still need the basics. Here are some examples of cheap school supplies you can find if you shop around.

Need a Maped Gum Stick Eraser? They are running a $1.19 for two. Most importantly, the eraser does not contain any latex! Crayola Classic Tip Markers are $2 for a pack of eight. Elmer's purple glue packs are $1.97 for six sticks. How about mini mechanical pencils? .7mm lead for $1.99 for six. Pentel has retractable ball point pens with awesome colors for $2.99. They have a ton of cheap school supplies.

At Wal-Mart, they advertise classroom supplies for the teachers which you can use for multiple children in your family. Westcott Teacher's Caddy holds blunt tip scissors for the elementary children. It contains twenty-four scissors and the handles have Microban to discourage the spread of germs. The price is $30 and the colors are very cool! Crayola has 832 regular size crayons in sixteen classic colors for $49. Or try Crayola Fineline Markers for $60. It is two hundred assorted colors to mix and match with the entire student's artwork. Wal-mart also has a lot more bulk deals for back to school.

Walgreens does carry school supplies. You do not have to have a membership, but ask them about a program that is called "Wal-Bucks" to give you rewards. Put in your zip code and it will bring up coupons you can use and online promotions they are having. They have cool rubber bands that can be worn or used for school. They return to their original shape after usage. Googly Bands has twelve in the bag and are $1.99. Or try the rain forest bands for $2.49. Check out Penway Two-Pocket Folders for only .09! There is a limit of four and you have to use the sale coupon code. They will let you use this only two times on your account. Elmer's Glue Sticks two packs are .19 each. The same rules apply except it does not state how much glue you can buy.

Look out side the box when it comes to cheap back to school supplies. Expect that your favorite store will carry school supplies this time of year. Most do or will just for this occasion. Always stock up if you can on school supplies while they are cheap.

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