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ptr-schoolnotes-125sqSchoolNotes provides an effective solution for teachers and students to organize, study, and communicate about lessons and assignments over the Internet. This free service also can help a teacher generate exercises to aid in studying and drilling specific lessons, like math flash cards, for example. There is also a very handy option that notifies parents when new assignments have been given to their children, giving them a head's up on when their children have homework and other assignments. Visit Website

This website is the perfect tool to keep teachers, parents and students all working together in order to make sure that students get the best education possible. SchoolNotes.com is affiliated also with EducationWorld.com and the parent company EdMin.com which are all integrating together in order to provide the best most modern and effective educational tools and methods to children everywhere.

Womensforum Partner: SchoolNotes joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 2/2008.

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