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scientists-random-gene-mutations-primary-cause-of-most-cancerIt’s harsh... but sometimes it just comes down to bad luck when it comes to cancer, scientists say.

Does it shock you when the smoker smokes until old age while a non-smoker gets lung cancer? Or those who are completely healthy and live a pure lifestyle get cancer anyway? 

A study was done at Johns Hopkins Medicine and two of the leading scientists found that about two-thirds of cancers in adults can be attributed to random mutations in genes capable of driving cancer growth. 

So that doesn’t mean you should pick up smoking or use tanning beds every week, but the researchers do say this new study will change the way people think about cancer risk factors and may even lead to changes in the funding of cancer studies. There are some forms of cancer that are an exception to the "bad luck" rule, like lung cancer or skin cancer. 

They still put a huge emphasis on early detection. One of the researchers, Bert Vogelstein, says that, "Stem cells in our organs divide constantly to replenish damaged tissue. Sometimes there are random mistakes in the replication of DNA, small mutations."

Many cancers begin because of unexplainable mutations that happen, hence bad luck. But lifestyle and environment still play a major role in many cancers, as does early detection! 

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