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Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

You are fiercely competitive and driven to succeed, and your natural ambition, determination and ability to adapt to different situations helps you achieve your goals. While you might not be a social butterfly, your close friends value your loyalty and care, and lovers will be captivated by the intense passion and intrigue you bring to any relationship. Scorpios should take care to not let their innate need to control things take over! 

Scorpio-BirthstoneScorpios share the birthstones of the months of October and November. October's birthstone is tourmaline (an interesting stone available in many colors) and November's birthstone is topaz, which is usually available in a light blue or an amber color.


Scorpio Style Look Book


Bring topaz and tourmaline accents into your look with a fun patterned skirt, brightly colored accessories, and bright green eyeliner. To keep everything from clashing, pair with simple black pieces like ankle wrap platforms, cat eye sunglasses and a crop top. 



Your Celebrity Is: Katy Perry!

Katy Perry is the ultimate Scorpio with her obvious drive and ambition. She's also a fierce competitor (watch out, Taylor Swift!) and she showcases the typical Scorpio intrigue and mystery. 


Food To Try

Scorpios, choose high-protein snacks to keep you powered up all day long! A multigrain toast with poached eggs, tomatoes, and dill is the perfect accompaniment for your on-the-go lifestyle. 


Ideal Vacay Spot

A Scorpio's ideal vacation involves plenty of activity! Book your next trip to Aspen, Colorado where you can spend hours on the slopes indulging in your competitive streak. 



Scorpio Girl's Playlist

1. "Dark Horse" - Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J

2. "Burn" - Ellie Goulding

3. "Can't Hold Us" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton

4. "Feel The Love" - Rudimental Feat. John Newman

5. "To U" - Jack U Feat. AlunaGeorge

6. "Let's Get It Started" - Black Eyed Peas

7. "Jungle (Remix)" - X Ambassadors

8. "Black Skinhead" - Kanye West

9. "Lose Yourself" - Eminem

10. "7/11" - Beyoncé

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