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Dear Viewers,
As that animal Scott Peterson appeals his conviction for the 2002 murders of his wife, Laci and their unborn child, Conner, the wheels of justice keep on spinning round and round…

Today’s update: A Fresno state appeals court upheld an earlier ruling stating that Scott Peterson is not entitled to receive the proceeds of Laci’s insurance policy, and that the $250,000 in question should be given to Sharon Rocha, Laci’s mother.

Can you believe the crust on this guy? To actually seek the death benefits of the wife he murdered?

Well, so incensed was I that taxpayers are no doubt footing at least some of the bill for his appeal as well as his daily privilege of eating and drawing breath, I went online to do a little searching on good ol’ Scott….and what I found sickened me.

A Google search produced this:

There are over 2.2 million search results for Scott Peterson. 

And there are 440,000 search results for Laci Peterson.

You do the math: something is just plain wrong.

There are love-fest Scott sites, fan sites, Peterson Family sites that include mission statements and pledges of rewards for information on Laci and one very curious $5,000 reward offered to anyone who can find her missing wristwatch.

Yes, you heard me—her watch.

Very important in the scheme of things, don’t you think?

I honestly cannot even put into words the cult-like craziness there seems to be surrounding the “Free Scott” camp, so I can only say this:

The court could award Sharon Rocha $250,000 a day for the rest of her life and it would never begin to fill the hole that opened up in her heart the day she learned that her daughter and grandson were missing, let alone murdered by her son-in-law.

What does $250,000 mean to a mother who has lost a piece of herself and who has to live with the agonizing sorrow of knowing how much that baby boy meant to Laci—and how they now lie together in a shared grave?

As many of you know, I followed Laci’s case closely and like many women, was extremely saddened, moved, and touched by her life and death.

I thought of her many times when the case was front and center, and then when I was pregnant last year, I felt a completely different pain, an unspeakable ache at knowing what it was like to carry a child and anticipate the coming weeks and months ahead with pure joy and excitement….only to know how it ended for Laci.

Now as the mother of my own little boy, I feel the weight of what happened to her all over again, sometimes in the wee hours, when I am holding my son, helping him fall back to sleep.

How many women, mothers, and girlfriends, will be murdered this year by a boyfriend or husband? How many children will also be lost?

Maybe that’s what we should be searching for on Google. Maybe those results are more telling than anything else.

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