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ptr-screenit-125sqScreen It, a subscription optional website for busy parents provides peace of mind by supplying specific content regarding movies before their kids go off to see them by themselves. Instead of the vague MPAA ratings most parents are forced to rely on, a user will know very specific content issues which are neatly categorized according to content including drug or alcohol abuse, violence, sex, obscene language, use of guns or weapons, smoking and even scary horror scenes. Visit Website

This powerful tool lets you decide what kind of content you think your child is ready for, rather than be at the mercy of the MPAA in what they think is right. The reviewers even take into account the role model aspects that the movies may portray and even if there is questionable or dangerous behavior that may be mimicked by your youngsters. Additionally, the information ScreenIt.com provides can simply prepare the parent about issues in the movies your children are watching so that you can easily process content that children have seen. The site was started in 1996 by a team of reviewers who are completely unaffiliated with any political, entertainment, social or religious group assuring you that the information they provide is untainted in any way. They simply give the facts and let the parents decide what's appropriate for their children.

Womensforum Partner: ScreenIt joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 8/2000.

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