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season-premiere-of-the-bachelorette-recap-headerAtlanta beauty Andi Dorfman has begun her journey to love! Find out what happened! 

District attorney Andi Dorfman, 27, has started her season of the Bachelorette! In the Season 10 premiere of The Bachelorette, Dorfman mingled with 25 men - some completely romantic and others, well, a little odd. The 10th season kicked off with an hour and a half premiere and ended with her saying goodbye to 6 men. Who went home and who may be on their way to winning Andi’s heart? Also, which past contestant decided to come and crash the party? If you missed the best and most shocking moments, no fear, we have you covered! 

Top Highlights from The Bachelorette

  • Cody, a personal trainer, pushed his limo when walking up to meet Andi to show off his guns. Was Andi impressed? 
  • Patrick, a soccer player (not Juan Pablo, thankfully) played a little ball with Andi.
  • Brett brought Andi a lamp. Wait...what?
  • Nick, a pro golfer, pulled up in a golf cart hoping to sweet her off her feet and maybe get a hole in one (cheesy, we know, but we had to!)
  • Eric Hill, who recently passed away in April, traveled for work and while on a trip, a few of the young locals gave him two precious dolls to give to his girlfriend. He didn’t have one at the time so he brought Andi the sweet present. This was a bittersweet moment for the show. 

Most Shocking Moments 

  • A past Bachelor contestant decided to come crash the party with a bouquet of roses in hopes of meeting Andi. He was held by security as he tried to argue his way into the party. Chris Bukowski was on Emily’s season and on the Bachelor Pad. Andi refused to allow him to crash the party because she didn’t want to upset the other men. Bukowski refused to leave - how rude! We love that Andi decided to respect her 25 bachelors! 
  • Is it just us or did Andrew and Patrick have a little bromance blooming?
  • The first impression rose went to polka-dot tie guy Nick V. of Chicago! 

At the end of the season premiere, we said goodbye to Rudie the attorney, Dr. Jason, Josh B. and three others. This season will have traveling, romantic dates and of course, boy drama! Stay tuned for more Bachelorette recaps!

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

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