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seasonal-allergy-reliefFind Seasonal Allergy Relief With These Allergy Tips. 

We all love spending time outside, and the seasons offer beautiful weather to enjoy, but allergies can ruin that. The most common seasonal allergies arise from plant  pollination, and those allergens can give you itchy eyes, congestion, and itchy skin. While we can’t get rid of the problem, these tips will help you find seasonal allergy relief.

Perennial and Seasonal Allergies 

There are two kinds of allergies: perennial and seasonal. Causes of perennial allergies exist year round with little consideration for weather. Seasonal allergies are caused by the pollination periods of certain plants during certain times of the year. So where can you find relief from seasonal allergies? There are a few foolproof ways to find seasonal allergy relief. 

Show those pesky little allergies who is boss and find your allergy relief today by following these allergy relief tips! 

Seasonal Allergy Relief

  1. Try not to be outside between 5 and 10 am. Weeds tend to pollinate in the early morning hours and those are the times you’re at the most risk for contamination. So in case you needed another reason not to go on that early morning jog, blame your allergies! Getting a donut inside is much better for your health (ok, ok not really but…)
  2. Shower often and with warm water. Rinsing the pollen from your skin and hair will help ease your allergy symptoms. The warm water can help clear your sinuses. 
  3. Use the dryer to dry your laundry instead of line drying outside. Drying clothes outside will attract pollen to your clothes and leave you itching and sniffling all day. While outdoor temperatures offer the perfect drying conditions, seasonal allergy sufferers will really be in trouble. 
  4. Keep your windows closed. Nothing is nicer than a cool breeze but seasonal allergens will enter through your windows and leave you miserable. Also, running the air conditioner can help clear the air in your home. 

So protect yourself and your family from pesky allergies. Follow the allergy relief tips above to get feeling better faster! If you can beat seasonal allergies you will be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather more frequently.

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