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Mo 6th bday with Mommy MTIt seems impossible to believe but my son is about to finish second grade--second grade(!) and once again, all I can think of is just how fast time seems to be moving and how quickly he is growing up. I remember when he was born and everyone said to me (the wiser parents who knew better) to "enjoy every moment because it all goes so quickly" as if that simple warming could somehow slow it all down.

I remember thinking at the time that I knew so little about being a mom, that every development seemed huge--first bottle, first full night of sleep (his and mine, LOL), first steps, and that somehow things wouldn't really move at the fast pace everyone cautioned me about. How wrong I was!

Here I am some eight years later and my beautiful little boy is a such a little man with a delicious sense of humor, an understanding of right and wrong, definite thoughts about the world around him, and a tender heart full of little boy kindness and big boy bravado. It's a pretty cool thing to be a mom of an eight-year-old boy--it's just a never-ending exploration into the world of a developing human being.

These days, life with an eight-year-old revolves around baseball, football, Minecraft, and shooting hoops in the driveway. It's as innocent and delicious as it gets. This mom has gotten pretty good at a game of PIG or HORSE (okay, I don't stink, let's put it that way) and I've even taught my son to do a mean Alice Brady (under-handed) free-throw shot. Look, I've got to contribute to something in order to be cool, right? 

Sometimes after we get home from school, we'll shoot hoops for awhile or play catch with a Nerf football (more for my sake so I can catch the ball, let's just call it what it is), or sometimes we'll take a walk in our neighborhood to get a little exercise and see what's new and exciting. It doesn't really matter what we do...I just love spending time with Morgan, especially right after school when he's more likely to open up about his day and talk to me about the fun things he's learned that day. There are days when we just hang out and I honestly find myself thinking, It just can't get much better than this.

As second grade winds to a close and summer break lurks just around the corner, I'm looking forward to some lazy beach days, a week at Cape Cod with the kids, possibly a few days in Florida visiting Grandma, and some simple days at our local amusement parks, museums, and simply hanging out. Family time, no agendas, schedules, or hard and fast rules to structure our days. Just some down time to slow things down if only for a little while.

Until Next Time,


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