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They say curiosity killed the cat, but in a recent incident caught on camera, it seems the curiosity of one young kitten resulted in a big group hug from an excitable bunch of ducklings!

The adorable kitten was spotted by her owner trying to see what the commotion was about inside a small pen. Naturally the owner quickly pulled out their camera-phone to capture the moment as the kitten was given quite the enthusiastic welcome by the tiny birds inside. 

The video shows the kitten getting more than she bargained for after jumping into the box, as she was quickly surrounded by a swarm of excited ducklings! Rather than pouncing, the kitten seemed to panic and attempted to fend off the oncoming duckling horde by pawing them on their heads. After a couple of moments, help was at hand when the kitten was rescued by her owner who finally grabbed her and lifted her out of the box.

The video was posted by Russian YouTube user Ignoramusky and has already reached over 1 million views since it was posted on January 26. It seems animal lovers everywhere are unable to resist the cuteness overload!

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