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ptr-seeingstars-125sqSeeing-Stars has loads of information on all that is Hollywood. Whether you are visiting as a tourist, want to be in a game show or in a movie as a background actor/ actress or just want to hang out in the same places that the stars do on their off time, this website has some surprisingly accurate insider scoops! For fans of Hollywood's golden age there is also a plethora of historic and landmark information as well as a calendar of Hollywood events. Visit Website

There is even a section that tells you when famous entertainers are about to receive their stars on the Hollywood walk of fame or their hand and foot prints cast at the Mann's Chinese Theater. Also included in the calendar of events sections are the regular annual celebrity events and award shows. For the more let's say, "devoted" fans there is a list of where the stars live, shop, eat, get their coffee, what restaurants they own and even where the deceased ones are buried. You can't get much more informative about Hollywood and all of its landmarks, attractions and celebrities.

Womensforum Partner: SeeingStars joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 5/2000.

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