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Ladies love posting sexy selfies on social media but you may want to think twice next time you strike a pose. 

Next time you strike that sexy pose, you may want to put down the camera. It may be fun to show off your good side on social media, but a new study says women may want to think twice before doing it. The new selfie study was published by Oregon State University and found that women who post sexy or revealing selfies are viewed as less physically and socially attractive than women who spend their time doing absolutely anything else. 

Female peers consider selfie-taking women as being less capable of performing tasks. The study looked at 108 females aged 13 to 25 and had them critique and rate selfies based on if they found the subjects to be attractive, worthy of being a friend, or competent at completing a job. The study found that women who don’t constantly take sexy selfies are the better option to become close to and work with

Women see stars like Kim Kardashian or TV personality Courtney Stodden taking racy selfies on the daily as doing more harm than good.

In an era where just one sexy photo could you follow you for the rest of your life, why not show off your inner beauty instead? Taking a selfie or two is not the worst thing in the world. But if your Instagram feed showcases more close-up duck faces than anything else, you likely need to put down the phone and consider other hobbies. 

Selfie addictions are real, according to another study by University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Also racy photos taken by those under the age of 18 could do way more damage than just a bad reputation. Parents and teachers who notice this behavior by children should have a conversation before more gets posted online. Remember, what goes to the internet stays there...forever.  

So, before you snap that next selfie, consider it like a tattoo or a wedding dress (cheesy as that may sound). Will this be something you're OK to look at decades from now? 

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