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sell-your-own-house-successfullyTips for Selling a House Without a Realtor.

The economy is still a bit scary. Yet some of us have different reasons for selling our houses. It may be moving closer to where you do business to save gas. It may mean that you want to downsize to protect yourself from the economic uncertainty. Or perhaps you are getting divorced. Maybe you can't afford that mortgage payment anymore and selling your house may be the answer.

At any rate, there are ways that you can surpass a real estate agent and sell your house yourself. Now we are not dissing real estate agents! But, there are ways to cut corners, so to speak, and you can save on realtor fees.

Here are practical suggestions for selling your house without a realtor.

How do I Sell My House Myself?

  • Get Your House Ready: Remember when you looked at houses and what made you fall in love with your home purchase? Clean, clean, clean your home both inside and out. Landscape your yard beautifully. Present a home that you would fall in love with. . . the very house you originally fell in love with.

  • Put a "For Sale By Owner" Sign in Your Yard: And research what other homes are selling for before you list your house, based on comparable amenities and number of rooms, etc. Take pictures of the home, rooms and back yard and post them on Craigslist. Pass out flyers to people that live in your vicinity, any locally frequented shopping places, apartment complexes and libraries. Consider placing a classified advertisement.

  • Hold Open Houses Frequently: Mark the neighborhood with signs indicating your open house. Again, post on Craigslist, purchase a classified ad, and flat out network with people you know whether in person or using social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Have Someone Walk Through Your House and Give Constructive Criticism: Maybe you have pets and need to get rid of pet odors. Someone that doesn't live in your house will smell the smells that you are used to. Ask their opinion on any other items that need fixing or are hurting a potential sale.

  • Go with an Email Address: Instead of putting your phone number on your yard sign, consider putting an email address instead to thwart undesirable phone calls. Your number of interested people will be filtered and your privacy will be protected.

Selling Your House on Your Own

When you have found a buyer, a lawyer or escrow company can help you through the remaining steps. And the cost of them pales in comparison to hiring a realtor. Studies show depending on the region, that demand is increasing. Make sure the inside of your home looks uncluttered and open. Neutral colors are also key in your house so prospective buyers can imagine adding their own colors and style.

You can sell your house if you choose. Do your research and go for it!

And, if you have some holes to fill in before you sell, you should check out our video on HOW TO SPACKLE A WALL: How to Spackle a Wall Video

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