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Lucky for all of us, you don't have to believe in  leprechauns to have a leprechaun hunt! Going on a treasure hunt as a family is a creative way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, give out prizes and squeeze in some family time. Even if you’re not Irish you can still have a blast going on the hunt for a leprechaun and his treasures!

Here are some ideas to help you set up your own game. 

Hide the treasures: Make pots of gold with candies or fill baskets with other goodies like a movie your kid’s been wanting or a video game. 

Hide clues: Write out limericks and clues and hide them throughout the house. Leave the first clue or note by your child’s bedside so when they wake up, they’ll be excited to go on the hunt. Look online for ideas or get creative and write your own. 

Go outside: Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to being only indoors. If it’s warm enough, have some of the clues send the kids outside. 

Leave evidence: Print out leprechaun footprint cutouts from the internet and place them around the house or outside. You could also leave a trail of a few chocolate coins. 

Four leaf clovers: One of the limericks could be a number of four leaf covers are hidden in the house and make it a race to see who can find them all. 

Even though the kids may not find their friend the leprechaun, they’ll find their pot of gold, and they'll enjoy sharing the treasure! 

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