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set-your-own-agenda-headerHow much have you set your own agenda of work and life to reflect what’s most important to you?

In a world where everyone else demands you meet their needs, it’s downright essential for accomplishment. The #33minutes campaign is a perfect example of what can happen when you set yourself an agenda and decide it’s important enough to follow. Is it time for you to set your agenda?

Here’s what happens when you don’t set your own agenda...

When you’re driven by everyone else’s demands, it’s easy to feel behind, tired and worried that you’re not working on the right things. I’ve totally been there and whenever I am, I want to get out of that zone as quickly as possible.

When you follow your own agenda...

You're doing the things that are most important to you personally and professionally. That’s when you feel on top of things, energized and can be present in the moment. Have you experienced this? Done something that only matters to you, and you feel so good that you did that you have more energy for everything else?

Get more tips on setting your own agenda here: Now Set Your Own Agenda

My vote for what should be on all of our personal agendas? Getting #33minutes of exercise.

- It keeps you feeling good and able to do everything else you care about.

- It’s something only you can do

- It can make you think more clearly and creatively

Aren’t we worth #33minutes?

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