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shutterstock 524151493 CroppedNot sure why we're celebrating Cinco de Mayo? These facts will give you a reason! 

Millions of Americans and Mexican-Americans partake in the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. But, many might not understand exactly what Cindo de Mayo is. Are you one of these people that parties without plausibility? Learn some facts about Cinco de Mayo to add to your fiesta on May 5th! 

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Cinco de Mayo History

  1. France attacked Mexico because of debt owed. The nation wanted to create an empire on the American soil and the French were crushed by their loss.
  2. A popular misconception is that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s “Independence Day.” But that victory is actually observed on September 16th. 
  3. Many say Cinco de Mayo celebrations began with students in California who were looking for a way to recognize their Mexican heritage. 
  4. Then United States President Abraham Lincoln and President of Mexico Bonito Juarez were close friends- a role that was a major key to Mexico’s victory. 
  5. United States residents have a reason to celebrate, too. Because the Mexican army was victorious, French Emperor Napoleon III couldn’t help the Confederate revolutionists re-up on supplies for the another year of the Civil War.
  6. Stock up on your avocados! According to the California Avocado Commission, Americans take in more than 70 million (yes million!) pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo alone.
  7. Show your pride! The Cinco de Mayo colors coincide with the Mexican flag: red representing religion and blood of the army, green for confidence, endurance and liberty and white for virtue and purity. 

Now you don't have to be one of those people who celebrates this holiday without any reason at all. Whether you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a party or going to a parade, participating in this iconic Mexican tradition is sure to be memorable! 

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