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17300 ParentingTrends2016Main

Each year Care.com releases its predictions for the biggest parenting trends for in the coming year. It looks like 2016 holds a few unexpected changes in the way parents are raising their children. 

One of the more surprising trends shared is that younger parents are moving away 17300 ParenitngTrendsAfrom "helicopter parenting," a term that describes parents who become deeply invested in every aspect of their child's life. The more relaxed approach to parenting comes from a generation that is less likely to micromanage their children and better foster the child's own independence. 

To go along with the more laid-back style of parenting, Care.com found that young parents are more likely to hire extra help, like nannies and babysitters, and avoid over-scheduling their child's activities more than parents in the recent past.

Also in the prediction pot, an increase in what is called "enlightened parenting" for 2016. As society becomes more inclusive and jobs and products become less gendered, so too are parents making important strides in teaching tolerance and acceptance to their children. 

Diet is another aspect of parenting that will see big changes in 2016. Parents are more aware than ever of the harm caused by fatty foods and overeating. Custom diet plans are replacing school sanctioned lunches as moms and dads try to get kids to avoid sugary and salty food options. 

For a full look at Care.com's list of predictions, click here.

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