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ptr-sex-ed101-125sqSex-Ed101 provides a safe place to share and gather information about the subject of intimacy and all the issues that surround it. There are many support groups and forums to get solid information and support from, as well as articles focusing on things like increasing drive, yeast infection cures, disease prevention, using a female condom correctly, genital herpes, emotional aspects and sexual positions just to name a few. Visit Website

Also is a list of hot lines that are there to help women of all ages with issues ranging from abortion, adolescent crisis, AIDs, alcohol and drugs, gay and lesbian communities, herpes resource centers, intimate assault and many other emergency and non-emergency situations. Sex-Ed101.org was founded by a registered nurse named Amy who has devoted her life to working with mainly adolescent women with a dedication to helping with many of the issues they face. She was also founder of CoolNurse.com.

Womensforum Partner: SexEd101 joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 3/2000.

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