shampoo-your-hair-the-right-wayShowering isn’t always the most convenient morning or evening beauty chore.

In fact, if you could skip the whole wet head, blow dry, styling process, wouldn't your morning routine be easier?

Well, some stylists say that’s exactly what you should do from time to time.

Celebrity stylists, Charles Baker Strahan, Gregory Patterson, Sally Hershberger, and Matthew Fugate told Teen Vogue that skipping the ‘poo every once in a while is actually better for your hair.


Tips For All Hair Types

For ladies with naturally oily hair, the stylists said washing daily can actually do more damage. Try to get yourself on an every other day or every third day schedule.

Finer hair tends to show oil more prominently, especially lighter shades, so stylists said alternating shampoo with a volumizing conditioner.

Sleeping with your hair in a scrunched bun or a silk scarf can reportedly help keep the oil nightmares away, as less tension is better for your strands.

Don’t scorch your scalp with hot water when you finally hop back into the shower, as that can dry out your head and make for greasy locks.

Training your hair to look luxurious without the use of a daily ‘poo is challenging, but it can be done. Lather, rinse, and don't repeat too often.

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