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IF-SHARKS-HAD-SOCIAL-MEDIACelebrate Shark Week with this generation’s way of getting to know each other.

When my family took a 2-week vacation down the Gulf Shores in Alabama, my mother sat petrified on the sandy beach. She feared creatures under the sea might find us as prey.

A week after we drove back home, shark attacks were reported along the same coastline we had visited.

As many times as I had seen shark movies where people got chomped on, being in the ocean as a young girl didn’t seem to phase me. Sharks didn't seem dangerous in real life. The only side of sharks we see is their vicious nature in these types of movies, but are sharks being given a real representation?

We’ve created a shark week social media profile to clear up some indefinite misunderstandings in honor of Shark Week.

How To Get To Know A Shark

Status Update: Just lost my 22,136 tooth somewhere in the Atlantic. At this rate, I think I’ll surpass the 30,000 lifetime tooth loss mark for the average shark.

Meet Shark

  • Age: 15 (hoping to reach 25 like my grandfather)
  • Weight: 1500 lbs
  • Lives: Different parts of the ocean. Not territorial about any particular sea.
  • Dreams: A chance to rebuild the shark species. Only 30 percent of the ocean even has sharks left in it at this point.
  • Lease Favorite Food: Eating man has never been my favorite. I try to stay away from the shores because I’m provoked easily by man if I get kicked or bothered during my swim. Unfortunately, that’s when they become prey. I prefer to keep the oceanic food web in check so that one species can’t dominate and rid the sea of other key species. Without a key species like salmon, all sea creatures could collapse.
  • Interests: Discovering a cure for cancer with donated shark tissue in my laboratory under the sea. So far, I’ve discovered our tissue carries incredible antibacterial qualities that may help humans heal.
  • Hobbies: Sleeping, but we get teased a lot for continuing to swim while we sleep. It’s honestly not funny because constantly having to swim while sleeping is the only way we can receive oxygen through our gills.
  • Fears: Being caught by fisherman who de-fin us sharks for money or food, then being thrown back into the ocean without any equilibrium to balance us as we swim.
  • Volunteer Work: Keeping the carbon cycle constantly moving in the ocean by swimming from one continent to the next. Otherwise, the ocean might go stale without my swimming patterns and many things might die from the distribution of proper carbon levels.
  • Favorite Music: Whale sounds with bass in the background (from boats passing by).

... hey, fish are friends, even sharks!

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