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shawn-johnson-niki-sportswearFormer Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson has teamed up with Nike to bring you the newest innovation in sportswear. 


Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, 22, has been working with Nike for over three years to bring you the newest innovation in sportswear for women. Johnson competed in the 2008 Olympics and brought home gold, so she knows what she’s talking about! Now, these new sports bras from Nike are her newest win. She spoke to WomensForum about Nike's new Pro Rival Bra.

Johnson says she appreciates how the Nike company puts athletes first and is happy to promote their new sports bra. 

The Pro Rival Bra is unlike any sports bra you will ever wear. Most sports bras are small, medium or large and you make it fit the best you can but the Pro Rival Bra takes into consideration your cup and rib size to bring you the most comfortable yet stylish piece of workout attire! 

When you go in for your very first Pro Rival Bra, they will do a fitting on you first so they can measure you and fit the sports bra to you! Enjoy a better workout today with the new Pro Rival Bra by Nike and Shawn Johnson! 

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