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Photo Credit: Disney

When she isn’t starring in the hit drama series Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell, well known for her character role as Emily Fields, is taking the social media and blogging world by storm. Her blog Amore & Vita and her YouTube channel are a popular resource for lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and of course, fashion.

Although her Instagram makes us salivate with all of the wonderful trips she takes (including a recent one to Bali and Indonesia), she is also quite the expert when it comes to dating. Her most recent endeavor is hosting an online dating show with SweeTARTS Candy titled "Get Roped In." Celebrities and fans are being paired up with a series of activities using SweeTARTS rope, and Shay is hoping that it will pair people together!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Shay had the chance to talk with us and give some advice to those who may need a tip or two for the big weekend ahead. Shay is spending the big day with some of her friends and loved ones by celebrating over a big group dinner, either staying in or going out, which she is looking forward to.

However, she understands that everyone’s Valentine’s Day situations look different. WomensForum sketched up a few dating scenarios, and Shay was able to give her two-cents on each one!


Photo Credit: Splash

Dating Advice From Shay Mitchell

WF: A married couple is about to celebrate their 15th Valentine’s Day together. They have young kids, but they want to do something special. What should they do for their special evening... and should it be with their kids or without?

SM: Honestly, I think they should have a vacation. I think maybe for that night you can get a babysitter, or maybe get a relative to watch the kids. I don’t think they have to go out of town, but you can go to a nice little hotel or a boutique hotel in the area that you live in that isn’t a far drive, and you have a nice little romantic night there. Maybe dinner in your room with room service! I think that’s what you should do, a little vacation.

WF: A girl is single on Valentine’s Day. Have any advice on how she can celebrate?

SM: Yes, I would say a majority of Valentine’s Day, and some of the best ones I’ve had, have been with a bunch of girlfriends. I think there’s a bunch of movies out right now that you can go with your girlfriends to go see this weekend. Yeah, it’ just about having fun with it! Grab flowers for one of your friends. It doesn’t have to be this big romantic day.

WF: A young dating couple recently found out that they have to be long distance, either because of a job or college. What would you suggest for them to keep their relationship alive?

SM: I would say a nice Skype date. Maybe you order in your favorite food, and he does the same, and just have a date! We have all the possibilities now with FaceTime and social media, but now that you can have that FaceTime on your computer or phone, it makes it possible to celebrate in a fun way.

WF: A 20-something woman is going on a first date with someone this weekend. What should she wear?

SM: I would say to dress comfortably. If you know what you are doing and you want to dress up for it, and if you’ll be comfortable in heels, go in heels. Honestly, you could even wear cute flats! There are so many different options now. And if you don’t know what you’ll be doing, it’s probably safe to do that, in case you do something a little bit more active. Layering is also great, just in case you go somewhere a little bit hot and feel stuck in a sweater. Bring a jacket that you can put on depending on the weather and everything. So I would say try layering, and a really cute pair of flat shoes.

Be sure to check out Shay on "Get Roped In" on Feb. 10. For more information, check out @SweeTARTSCandy.

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