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she-shed-header Photo Credit: DIY Network

Move over man caves! She sheds are here and ready to steal your crown for the most unnecessarily gendered room of the house. The new decorating trend has woman taking over dirty old sheds in their backyard and transforming them into a Pinterest-perfect paradise.

They're the ideal location for ladies to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main house and... relax in a small, secluded space that lacks electricity and air conditioning? Man caves get flat screens and mini fridges, she sheds get pastel paint and couches made from recycled wood pallets.

I will admit that the sheds, which are typically not too much larger than a child's playhouse, can be pretty adorable (from a distance and with an expertly applied Instagram filter). However my beef with them comes with the lack of practicality. If I have a room dedicated to pursue my passions and hobbies in peace, I would want one that can reach my house's WiFi signal and has an electrical outlet to charge my laptop. If I'm about to tackle my latest Pinterest project, I would very much like to be able to see what I'm doing on my laptop screen. 

Nonetheless, many DIY divas have found she sheds to be a necessary and useful place to relax and get away right in their own back yard. Where man caves typically lack any sort of style or aesthetic, she sheds are a place where ladies can show off their interior decoration and crafting prowess. I may be able to deny she sheds practicality, but I cannot deny their charm. 

In case you're still looking for a summer project to tackle, here are five perfect she sheds to use as inspiration.

 1. The Garden Paradise 

she-shed-the-garden-paradisePhoto Credit: BHG.com

This she shed is the perfect garden paradise to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

2. The Victorian 

she-shed-the-victorianPhoto Credit: RelaxShax.wordpress.com

For the ultimate homey feeling, make your shed shed look like a little home. 

3. The Corner Office 

she-shed-the-corner-officePhoto Credit: DunsterHouse.co.uk

Just because you lack space, doesn't mean you need to lack style. 

4. The Dollhouse 

she-shed-the-dollhousePhoto Credit: DIYnetwork.com

Playtime is all the time in this pretty pink she shed. 

5. The Hidden Paradise

she-shed-the-hidden-paradisePhoto Credit: CountryLiving.com

Hidden in plain sight under a ton of greenery, this she shed is the ultimate getaway. 

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